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Herstellerkennzeichnung DB4
Hersteller HY Electronic
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Warengruppe Diacs, Triacs, Thyrystors
Hersteller HY Electronic
Mounting Style THT
Package/Case DO-35 (DO-204AH)
Breakover Current 100µA
Breakover Voltage 40V
Repetitive Peak Forward Current 2.0A
Power Dissipation 150mW
Tₘᵢₙ -40°C
Tₘₐₓ 110°C
Packaging kartonik (taśma)
Sammelverpackung -/5.000/100.000 pcs
Zolltarifnummer 85423290
Silicon Bodirectional Diacs

• Three way layer two terminal, axial lead, hermetically sealed diacs are designed specifically for triggering thyrisitors.
The demonstrate low breakover current. The breakover symmetry is within three volts(DB3,DB4) or four volts(DB6).
These diacs are intended for use in thyrisitors phase control.,circuits for lamp dimming universal motor speed control and heat control
• This diocle is also avaiable in the DO-35case.
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