MKT polyester capacitors of the PCX2 347 series from Pilkor. Capacitors without corona effect.

In Ropla's offer you can still find and buy safety class X2 polyester capacitors of Korean company Pilkor from PCX2 347 series. This series is devoid of "corona effect", which significantly reduces capacitance loss, and the series itself is dedicated to be used in series connection with power line.

Normally in X2 series capacitors (...)

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Cincon CFM500M Medical Power Supply.

The CFM500M series are new high density open AC/DC medical power supplies. They are compliant with MOPP standard 2 and have baseboard cooling. They provide a regulated power of 500W in addition they feature an input range voltage: 80~264Vac. They are available in 5 output voltage options: 12, 18, 24, 36 and 48VDC. It has a high starting efficiency (...)

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Electrolytic capacitors with short LT on offer Ropla.

Dear partners,

As is well known, a significant number of manufacturers of electrolytic capacitors extend the lead time. Most often it results from the increasing demand for products related to the 5G network, automotive and electronics. For some of them, the implementation time is 20-30 weeks.

As a leading Polish distributor (...)

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Ropla Elektronik relies on green energy sources.

We are pleased to inform you that Ropla Elektronik puts emphasis on modern solutions not only in everyday functioning of the company but also on matters aiming at taking care of the natural environment. The installation of monocrystalline panels and a solar set for water heating perfectly fits into this philosophy.

In 2019, the first installation was inaugurated (...)

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Cincon TR160M series desktop power supplies for medical applications from Ropla Elektronik.

We would like to inform you that the product range of Ropla Elektronik has been enriched with TR160M series desktop power supplies.

With over 15 years of experience in medical product design, Cincon is able to provide customers with a variety of high performance products.

Cincon's medical products provide low leakage current and withstand (...)

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Li-Ion 18650 Akyga battery cells in Ropla Elektronik offer.

We are pleased to announce that Akyga battery family has been extended by 18650 type. In our offer you can find three variants: NCA/NMC/LMO. In order to meet the expectations, we customize them to the individual needs of our customers (leads, the battery packs). Delivery time is about 2 weeks.


Features: (...)

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