The Korean company VINATech co., Ltd. was established in 1999 in South Korea, and initially focused on products related to lighting. In 2003 a Research and Development centre was established, the exclusive objective and mission of which was to develop and work on supercapacitors.
One year later in 2004 VINATech launched a mass production of these capacitors, and as it turns out, this was the milestone in the history of this company. In 2010 as the first manufacturer in the world, VINA developed and introduced supercapacitors working at the voltage of 3.0 V into mass production.
In 2011 a new factory in Jeon Ju City was erected, the manufacturing capacity of which amounts to 2.5 million of capacitors per month.
At present VINA tech Co., Ltd. employs approximately 130 people, with 22 people being the employees of the Research and Development Department. The objective and the mission of the company for 2016 is just one - to be the best supplier of supercapacitors in the world.

Flagship products of VinaTech company include EDLC and P-EDCL supercapacitors. They are used mainly in low-current applications connected with lighting, in which the power supply has to be maintained for a longer period of time (7-8 hours).
Other applications of supercapacitors include:
- emergency exit lighting,
- solar systems,
- light road markings.

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