Yoku Energy Technology Limited is a high technology company specializing in the development, manufacture and marketing of Lithium Polymer Batteries. Yoku employs more than 6 000 staff throughout 100 000m2 manufacturing facilities, which enable a daily production capacity of more than 200 000 large capacity batteries and more than 500 000 batteries for mobile phones, making Yoku one of the biggest suppliers to the lithium polymer industry and the largest maker of high capacity lithium polymer batteries worldwide.

Yoku is dedicated to providing customers with the best portable power solution. To date we have developed more than 1000 types of battery cells ranging from 10mAh to 55 000mAh, which includes standard products, high temperature battery products and high discharge rate products. We continue to develop new products to meet the valid customer requirements and changing application needs.

Yoku Lithium polymer batteries are especially suitable for various electronics applications, for example: mobile phones, blue-tooth headsets, GPS navigators, MP3 players, PDAs, laptop computers, R/C planes, power tools, toys, e-bikes, medical carts, battery-operated cars and many more.

Yoku business processes including R&D, Manufacturing and Service are encompassed in the scope of the Company’s ISO9001 Quality Management System, ensuring that these competitively priced products are consistent and delivered with dependable quality. Further, Yoku is responsible to the environment and has implemented and ISA14001 Environmental Policy to ensure all possible steps are taken to protect the environment.

Yoku is not only a supplier provides Lithium polymer battery cells, but also provides one-step services for overall battery solutions for various portable devices. In order to better meet our customer requests, we also supply various PCM (protective circuit module), BMS (Battery management system) and charging circuits for our customers. Thanks to needed infrastructure and experience they are also able to offer various battery solutions ranging from single cell to 16 cells in series and include safety, pack management, cell balancing, gas gauging and charging solutions.

Yoku products are UL and CE approved, their safety performance meet all relevant international standards. There are no heavy metals in Yoku Lithium polymer batteries, they are all complied with RoHS requirement and totally environment friendly.