Yoku Energy Technology is a high technology company specializing in the development, manufacture and marketing of Lithium Polymer Batteries.
Yoku employs more than 6 000 staff throughout 100 000m2 manufacturing facilities, which enable a daily production capacity of more than 200 000 large capacity batteries and more than 500 000 batteries for mobile phones, making Yoku one of the biggest suppliers to the lithium polymer industry and the largest maker of high capacity lithium polymer batteries worldwide.
Yoku is dedicated to providing customers with the best portable power solution. To date we have developed more than 1000 types of battery cells ranging from 10mAh to 55 000mAh, which includes standard products, high temperature battery products and high discharge rate products. We continue to develop new products to meet the valid customer requirements and changing application needs.

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PILKOR was started in 1974 as Philips Electronics Korea. At the time, it was a Korea-based Philips plant manufacturing metallized film capacitors (MKT / MPP / PP+MMKP) and metal film resistors. In 1994, Philips withdrew from the business and PILKOR was established. Currently, PILKOR is the largest Korea’s manufacturer of these products. Annual turnover of the company in 2002 amounted to USD 45-50 million.
Pilkor’s largest customers include, but are not limited to: Philips TV, Samsung TV, LG TV, Sanyo TV, Toshiba TV, OSRAM, Delta, APC, TYCO, Philips Lighting, Schaffner, Panasonic, SMPS, SANKEN. The company’s market share equals 12% and the company is ranked among 4 largest capacitor manufacturers in the world. Aside from capacitors, the company has a separate unit manufacturing MCI, WCI, ASM, BTM. Products offered by the company comply with European Directive RoHS i.e. are suitable for lead-free soldering.

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Murrplastik Systemtechnik with a registered office in the German town of Oppenweiler specializes in manufacturing labelling systems, cable protection conduits and fitting systems, cable entry and cable holding systems, as well as cable drag chain systems. It was stared in 1976.
The company has received DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certificate valid also in the USA and Canada. It belongs to a small group of companies that offers cable drag systems which are fully certified by ATEX CE EX II 2GD, which makes them fit for use in explosion areas and by CLEAN ROOM, which permits their application in clean areas.
Authorized distribution in the Ukraine.

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Jamicon (Kaimei Electronic Corp.) was established in 1973 with its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. The company’s capital amounts to USD 85 million. In 2003, the company’s turnover reached USD 121 million, and in 2004 – USD 144 million. In 2005, it is expected to rise to USD 172 million. Production of electrolytic capacitors amounted to 4040 million units (2004) and 4800 million units (2005). As a result, Jamicon’s electrolytic capacitor market share equals 10%, which means that the company ranks fifth in the world. Apart from electrolytic capacitors, Jamicon offers SMD ceramic capacitors. The company also specializes in manufacturing AC/DC fans that have been certified by the PAPST company. High quality of products has been confirmed by ISO 9001, IECQ and ISO 14001 certificates. Products offered by the company comply with European Directive RoHS i.e. are suitable for lead-free soldering.

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MENTOR GmbH & Co. Präzisions-Bauteile KG was established in 1920 and from the very onset has been manufacturing mechanical and electrical engineering components. Since 1997, the company has been specializing in delivering components to the automotive industry. Additionally, the company supplies interior lighting systems for the following car manufacturers: Audi, BMW, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Volvo. Mentor’s offer includes also components of front panels, switches, housing and switchboard elements, handles and knobs, available both in metal and plastic version. In co-operation with ALGRA AG, Mentor manufactures also keyboard systems.
Mentor has been awarded with a ISO 9001 certificate.

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Varta is a global leader in developing and selling innovative and high performance primary and rechargeable battery systems for the electronic industry (batteries and rechargeable batteries in various technologies e.g. lithium-polymer, Ni-MH, lithium, alkaline).
As Original Equipment Manufacturer and battery designer, Varta Microbattery is focussing on the supply of miniature battery technologies for state-of-the-art mobile communications, medical and electronic equipment manufacturers.

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Walsin Technology Corporation, manufacturer of ceramic capacitors and varistor was established in 1990. In 1996 the company was certified for ISO 9002. In 2000, Walsin expanded further by establishing a research and development centre in Japan. In 2001, Walsin entered into co-operation with BC Components, Pilkor, Nitsuko Electronic of the NEC Group, which translated into production growth and further company development. In 2002, the company co-established the PSA Group (Passive System Alliance). In 2003, Walsin entered into a strategic partnership with high-voltage ceramic capacitor manufacturer Pan Overseas Electronic, Eden and Vishay, leader in the manufacturer of passive components. Two years later, Walsin acquired PDC and signed a contract with Arrow, one of the largest global distributors.
Walsin’s offer includes:
- SMD ceramic capacitors (MLCC), including high-voltage capacitors, low ESR and class X1/Y1 and X2/Y3 noise-suppression capacitors. The capacity range falls within 0.5pF and 22uF, whereas voltage ranges from 6.3V up to 3000V,
- SMD resistors, size 0201 – 2512 with the resistance range from 0.01Ω to 30MΩ,
- high frequency filters and induction components,
- through-hole and SMD varistors.
The company products comply with the UE RoHS Directive and are certified to TUV, CSA, VDE and UL. Walsin is a supplier of passive components to the following global electronic equipment manufacturers: NEC, LG, SAMSUNG, DELL, CISCO, INTEL, THOMSON, KINGSTON, ACUS, etc.
Walsin is the ‘Green Partner’ of the Sony Corporation and has received approval certificates from Acer, NEC, Sharp, Panasonic and Canon.

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Cooltron was established in 1998 at California, U.S.A. It has been focus on major products of DC brushless fans and blowers, AC fans and blowers, and fan accessories. Value added services it also offers customers are twisting lead wires, adding connectors, making fan trays, and thermal engineering containing designing and testing cooling systems.
There are 2 plants, located in Taiwan and China with full production staff of almost 1,200 people in the processing and assembly lines. Maximum productivity reaches 2 million peaces monthly. Cooltron products have met the worldwide standards in their design of forced air cooling devices, all products are RoHS compliant and UL, CUL, TUV, CE certified.
Cooltron products are widely applied in every major market, such as home appliance, office appliance, industrial equipment, We have been serving the long list of prestigious customers worldwide like Compaq, AT&T, IBM, HP, Alcatel-Lucent, Nissan, Boeing, Delhi or Philips.
Mission statement of Cooltron is to be cost effective, world class, and high quality cooling fan manufacturer, which provides customers with reliable, competitive price products under excellent service and with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

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Dongil Electronic

Since 1979 Dongil Company have been being one of the most recognized manufacturers of ceramic capacitors in Korea. Their products have been being successfully used by Korean and worldwide brands like Samsung, LG Electronics, LG Innotec, Hyundai, Toshiba, Funai or Beko.
Dongil specialize in all kinds of trough hole, ceramic capacitors as:
- safety standard recognized AC ceramic capacitors
- DC high voltage ceramic capacitors
- class I, II and III general purpose capacitors
Safety standard recognized AC ceramic capacitors are compliant with UL, CSA, DEMKO, SEMKO, NEMKO, ENEC, SEV and VDE standards which cause they can be used around the world. Company also acquired ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environment management system.

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